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les feux de la nuit à Antibes

This evening I decided to see “Skyfall” at the local cinema. They had two showings of the “version originale,” mais les deux étaient complète. I changed plans and took a walk instead.

The Château Grimaldi lit up below became the Picasso Museum on 27 December 1966. Picasso stayed there from mid-September to mid-November 1946 where he produced a great deal of work and donated 23 paintings and 44 drawings to the town of Antibes.

” . . . . et la montagne espagnole, là-bas, semblait ce soir-là brûler comme une gerbe de paille, tant il y en avait de ces feux de joie, allumés sur ses flancs.”  –Loti, Ramuntcho, xxiii.


The city lights of Nice are in the distance. The Château Grimaldi is in the foreground.


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