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Percchetti in Paris

Look at a map of Paris, find the Louvre Museum and then look to the east wall of the Louvre Palace.  One sees a street and across the street there is a Gothic church called Église Saint Germain l’Auxerrois.  When the Louvre was still a royal palace, it was its church, and “accordingly drew an assortment of royalty, courtesans, men of art and law, and local artisans.”  Lining the street in front of the church are some modern sculptures by Mauro Perucchetti. Until my last visit to Paris, I had not heard of him.  He is very funny.  His work shows a wicked political sense of humor.  I laughed when I saw that these works had been placed between the very old Louvre Museum and the very old Gothic cathedral.  The statue to the left is called “Michelangelo 2020 A Tribute to Women” and should remind you of the “David.”

Is it me or does “Modern Heros” suggest a homoerotic attachment between Batman and Superman?

“The Three Politicians” might be my favorite of the three sculptures I photographed.

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