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Gangnam Style

The Place du Général de Gaulle in the center of Antibes is a hub from where many other arteries branch out into Antibes.  It is a modern plaza and does not have the charm of Place Nationale in the older part of town.  Fountains sprout water and trees provide a little shade, but not much,  and sometimes public events happen.  I was walking near Place du Général de Gaulle yesterday when I heard loud speakers blaring “Gangnam Style.”  I had to swing by and see what was happening.  A small stage had been set up and a man wearing very bright yellow pants was leading a large group, mostly women and kids, in dances–Gangnam Style and Zumba, to name two that I recognized.  A few men danced in the back.

The music came fast and the guy led each number without pausing. Sometimes he invited dancers to the stage. One could tell they considered it a singular honor to be chosen.

The dancers were a mixture of young and older. A few men danced but . . . most were women.

Yelling and clapping were as much a part of the excitement as the actual steps and moves.

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