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Sidney Bechet & Antibes

Lately, I have been listening to the music of Sidney Bechet, a jazz musician, a clarinetist, who lived and died in France and happened to marry in Antibes.  Over the hill a short walking distance from Antibes is Juan-les-Pins where he is honored with a bust situated in a square named after him.  Woody Allen admires him.  In an interview with Robert Weide, he offered that Sideny Bechet would be his choice of a person, living or dead, he would like to invite to dinner. The poet Philip Larkin wrote a poem titled “For Sidney Bechet” and recorded it with Bechet’s music.  I mention all this because Bechet wrote and recorded a song called “Dans les rues d’Antibes.”  If you take a few moments and watch the YouTube video, you will hear his music and see images of Antibes, a nice musical photo tour of the town.

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