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Monet à Antibes

Monet spent three months in the winter of 1888 in Antibes, where he painted a number of canvasses of the bay and the Grimaldi Château, before he moved permanently to Giverny in the north, where he painted his lily pond masterpieces.  The painting “Antibes, effet d’après-midi” is a good example of the style.  One commentary noted, « Le rose et le bleu dominant le tableau apportent de la douceur à la toile.  Au premier plan, la mer est calme. Au deuxième plan, le Fort-Carré domine la Méditerranée. En arrière-plan, les montagnes dominent l’ensemble. »  Le Fort-Carré is misplaced in the painting, however; it should be on the north side of the Château.  Compare the image (above) to the painting below.  It was shot at the spot where Monet painted.
Monet vision of Grimaldi

A short walk on the Cap d’Antibes from the Plage de la Salis, two art plaques stand that depict two other paintings by Monet, “Antibes, le matin” and “Antibes vue de la Salis” shown respectively below.

Look at the photo images taken from the same spot. They represent the view that Monet had more or less.  After 100 years much has changed, but one gets the idea of what he saw and then imagined. (Click on the images and you may see them better.)

Below are some more paintings done by Monet during the same period.  (Click on them and you will see a better rendition.)

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  1. PDX Gal #

    Je crois que la description de la peinture citee est correcte, parce que celle-ci ressemble a la photo que tu as prise; le fort carre apparrait a la droite de la ville, au nord. Ou peut-etre que je n’ai pas bien compris ce que tu veut dire?

    • Ah, PDX Gal, you may be correct, but I squint at the painting and the photo and I cannot see the Fort-Carré which is further north and certainly is not in the photo that I took. I made the mistake of assuming that the building to the left in the foreground of the painting might be what the commentary referred to as the fort. But it isn’t. By the way, PDX Gal, your French is quite good. Est-ce que tu es située près d’Antibes et peut-être tu t’intéresses à boire un café un jour ou l’autre ?


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