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on buying जूते [jūtē] near chandelao

I mentioned during another post that I thought hiring guides while visiting India was a good idea.  They open doors, and they will take you to places where you would never consider going, or think of going.  However, as I mentioned, in the larger cities they will offer to show you real artisan shops where you can watch real craftsmen making real local specialties, such as silk paintings or copper bowls or marble inlays.

I assume there is an agreement between the guides and the shops.  You do not have to buy, but someone in the group will.  Those goods are often beautiful, and they do make nice gifts.  Do not forget that they will often represent your memories after returning home.  (Click on a photo to see more.)

Chandelao is a small Rajasthani village outside of Jodhpur, India.  Our group stayed at Chandelao Garh for three nights, our first evenings in India when we were not in a large city.  Our host offered to take us to an even smaller village, in the middle of nowhere and not even remotely close to any tourist attraction, where we discovered a man who makes shoes.  He was the shoe store in the area, and he made them all.  I bought a pair.  (Click on a photo to see more.)

The Yoga Journal will show you the proper position for the cobbler pose or baddha konasana or bound ankle pose.  One source on-line says it can “help ease and prevent back pain, knee problems, uterine and urinary tract conditions, and even prostate cancer.”

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  1. Lisa #

    Wow, what a near perfect baddah konasana he’s doing, demonstrating why it’s called cobbler’s pose. Have you worn the shoes yet?

    • I wish I would have noticed that! I will make an addendum to the post. I have worn the shoes but only around the house. They have made great house slippers.


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