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to see the sea in Antibes

“Contrast and compliment. The blue is never more blue than it is when paired with orange. And the orange is never bluer than when eaten on a cloud in the sky.”  ― Jarod Kintz, $3.33

“The little may contrast with the great, in painting, but cannot be said to be contrary to it. Oppositions of colors contrast; but there are also colors contrary to each other, that is, which produce an ill effect because they shock the eye when brought very near it.” –Voltaire

They visited and stayed and painted because of the light.  Picasso.  Manet.  Monet.  Renoir.  And many others.

I had a point-and-shoot camera when I visited Antibes for the first time four years ago.  I felt frustrated at the time because I could not figure out the light.  I bought another camera.  The light is still a mystery, but I am having more fun trying to capture what I see.


The light can be pristine, sharp, uncompromising.  The shadows jump and and demand attention.  The lines between the light and the shadow are cleanly, clearly etched.

During two different days I stood at a spot, nearly the same.  Each day the weather, and the light, of course, offered something different.

Lately, during January, 2015 the days have been clear and sunny.  Nice and the Alps in the background are easily distinguishable.  The Grimaldi Castle and Musée Picasso is easily discernible.  An iconic image–that–for Antibes.


And, overnight, the weather can change.  The shadows appear.  The blues turn to grays.  The oranges and yellows command attention.

I like the sharp contrast I might see in one day and then the next.  Time exists.  It shows me something.  I may not know if it is autumn or spring, but I will see a vibrancy that will cause wonder and excitement.


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  1. Jim #

    Wonderful photos Michael; I really enjoy seeing them and appreciate the post. I especially appreciate the sunlit Mediterranean with a backdrop of the Alps! Sunshine is always at a premium here in January, but we have had more sunny days than usual. Still, it’s nice to see it! Best wishes and safe journeys my friend!


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