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mind your head, I say . . . mind your head!

Harry: But the Muggles!  Can’t they see us?  [while hurtling through London in the Knight Bus]
Stan Shunpike: Muggles?  They don’t see nothing, do they?
Shrunken Head: No, but if you jab them with a fork, they feel it! [laughs] —Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

As is my wont on a cloudy afternoon in Antibes, I meander through Vieil Antibes.  I look for nothing in particular other than . . .  a surprise.  Not much to ask.


As I was walking down Tourraque, a little maze-of-a-street leading to the ramparts that encircle en partie Vieil Antibes, I saw a pool formerly used for washing clothes.  For the French it is a lavoir.  It was nestled at the end of a small alley which had an exit.

I had seen the washing pool many times during past visits to Antibes.  Not knowing why, maybe because I had not had any surprises on this singularly cloudy day in Antibes, I turned left and walked to the edge of the pool and started taking some photos.

I made a point of excluding from the photos the four women, who were very close to a wall, facing it, staring and pointing, one on tip-toes.  Je ne savais pas pourquoi.  I was too busy looking at the pool of water I had seen many times.

One of the women, older than the others, possibly a mother, spoke to me in French.  She suggested I look at the wall and at the figurines.  She thought they would make good subjects.

I found my surprise.  Were the small head sculptures embedded among the stones that comprised the wall recently added?  Had I passed through and not seen some of these small figures, almost like crucifixes hanging over beds?  (Click on any photo to see it in more detail.)

Most of them were little heads.   Some peeked out from the stones; others had already emerged.  If you look closely at one sculpture, hands had begun to emerge but not the head.  It may still seek an escape.  (Click on any photo to see it in more detail.)

The little heads may be difficult to see in the photographs.  One should click on any photo and examine them more closely these small pieces of art attached to a wall in a small side street in Antibes.

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  1. hungryko #

    I like the title. And I like how serendipity transformed your walk!

  2. Christine #

    C’est un lavoir … C’est très beau …


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