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at last lascabanes

Leaving Cahors one crosses the Lot River on the 14th century bridge Pont Valentré.  On the other side, a decision must be made: climb the “passage sportif,” which is the GR65, or turn right and follow the “déviation équestre,” which does not involve a climb but is a longer walk.

The climb is short and does not take too long to master.  A heavy pack and inclement weather might change minds, however.

Again in this area, the walk will be up but . . .  whatever goes up . . . later it will descend, much like turning left which will later lead to right turns.

DAY 19 de Cahors à Lescabanes (peut-être 22 km) sur Le Chemin de Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.

I remember well the exit from Cahors.  Anther pèlerin and I crossed the bridge at the same time.  He paused and debated what to do.  I started the climb and before realizing it, I had arrived at la Croix de Magne at the top.  (Check out the beatiful panoramic view of Cahors from the vantage point of the cross and ridge by clicking on the name.)

20131010_872_Chemin St Jacques

In addition to the climb, I faced a cloudy morning.  I wondered if it would rain, which can make climbs precarious.

However, once on top and walking along the ridges and the higher plateau, the sky and the clouds became spectacular, if not ominous.  (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

As during other days, parts of the chemain pass by farmers fields.  (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

20131010_874_Chemin St Jacques

Passing large groves of trees, hiding homes, one need only look back or around a corner and see the local residences.  (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

I spent the night in the chambre d’hôte Le Bouy in Lascabanes

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  1. hungryko #

    I’d love to vacation in that one house! You captured the rain clouds really well. It’s a familiar sight around Oregon these days. 🙂

  2. Wait to you see some of the next posts. More dramatic clouds.

  3. Lorraine Blais #

    It is always interesting to read you, Michael. Especially, in this case where we passed through the same route. (We hadn’t passed through La Vallée du Célé but through Rocamadour.)
    Have a wonderful Spring!

    • Merci bien ! Guess whom I saw the other day by chance. Carolyn Wood. Nous nous sommes retrouvés par hasard à Ken’s Artisan Bakery à Portland. Elle vous a dit « Salut !»


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