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people of the sun city jodhpur जोधपुर

I mentioned in an earlier post that I found India to be mysterious, colorful, noisy and bustling, and that I felt like a stranger in a strange land.  Jodhpur is similar.

I found the people beautiful in Jodhpur, too.  Dynamic.  Colorful.

Taking photos of people is an art and very difficult.  How does one do it without intruding into their lives and treating them as tourist attractions?  like their monuments?  or their museums?  (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

At times I feel like a spy, trying not to be noticed.  Once I tried to take some photos of a vendor whose children were close to her.  She saw me and became very angry and told me to stop.  Sometimes people would see me with a camera and cover themselves.  (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

But I found many Indians very accommodating when they saw me look their way.  They wanted their picture taken.  They would pose or run off to find their friends or family and would ask to have them included in the next photo.

A telephoto lens is an option, of course.  Looking from a distance and quickly raising the camera and shooting does work.  Being a foreigner can be an advantage.  They do not know better.  They are tourists, and that is what tourists do.  They are strangers in a strange land and want to go home and tell stories with pictures to illustrate what they witnessed.


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  1. hungryko #

    Colorful is right. I can only imagine how colorful, spicy, and exciting the food was. The color scheme here seems dull in comparison.


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