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brook and cutthroat trout on the fall river

Fall River, located in central Oregon, is a beautiful pristine spring creek that flows steadily for about 8 miles to the Deschutes River.

Early one morning close to 7:30am, I wandered along its banks, looking for wild brown, brook trout, and stocked rainbows. I saw nothing, but that does not mean anything. The trout are easily spooked, and in the early morning bright light they would stay in cover. If you can see the fish, they can see you, and they can be extremely wary.

I have often fly fished the Fall River. (It is a fly fishing river only.) A path has been built along the banks from the source to a residential area to accommodate more fisherman. Consequently it has been fished more heavily than when I started fishing it 35 years ago. (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

To get to the river one needs only park the car in one of several eareas that have been set aside, and walk along a path through the woods that leads away from the parking lot. (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

The walk is pleasant. Grassy and marshy meadows and lodge pole and ponderosa pine line the banks.


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  1. Jim O'Connell #

    Once again Michael your photos are stunning. The Fall is a beautiful stream and difficult to master due to the incredible clarity. I have had good luck just above the falls for brook trout, but struggled going after the big boys. Myers and I just missed you last week when we were on the Upper Deschutes..good fun!

  2. Thanks, Jim. I may try the Upper Deschutes in the next few days.

  3. hungryko #

    I’ve never gone fishing but I love a good and fresh trout for supper. Maybe I’ll get into fishing one day. You know, the catch and forage for your own food thing that I’ve been getting into lately.

  4. Fly fishing is a bit different. Many fly fishermen practice catch-and-release.


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