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into a room within a room within a room–agra, india part 2

Most who visit Agra, India do so, I suspect, because they must see the Taj Mahal. I would argue that the Agra Fort, a walled city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, might supersede the Taj Mahal in appeal.

For a photographer, especially an amateur one, the Agra Fort offers more ‘non-brainer’ opportunities for spotting a subject for shooting.

The Taj Mahal is monumental and certainly a surprise when one encounters it for the first time. However, a warning should be given. It does disappoint. I have seen so many stunning photos of the Taj Mahal that my internal image of it, my desire to have a postcard experience, and the initial excitement of being there, such as one might feel when seeing the Mona Lisa for the first time–the Mona Lisa is so small!–I was a bit disappointed.

However, few know about the Agra Fort. Disappointment, no. One can see many buildings and walk about the grounds and around the walls. The camera has more opportunities.

Here I stand looking from the same spot but to the left and to the right down two corridors, each as symmetrical as the other. What lies behind me as I turn and what lies in front of me as I pivot, pales in comparison to how I feel at the moment, looking in each direction. (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)


Here I stood, and the long continuous sight of room after room reaching beyond the doors and windows at the end was intriguing. (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

Let’s walk into an image. Each of the photos in sequence depict a place outside then inside then there at the end at the window looking out to another world, extending beyond, first depicted in the first photo yet in the distance.

A better way to experience the image within the image is by clicking on the first photo to make it larger and then follow the arrows.


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