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visiting biot but preoccupied with capron

Biot, France is not far from Antibes where I stay during the winter. It is inland a bit and is considered a “village perché.” It sits on top of a large hill not far from the Mediterranean Sea, and from there one can have a commanding view of the surrounding countryside.

I don’t drive to Biot. I take the #10 bus from the bus station in central Antibes. The ride takes about thirty minutes and costs only one euro. The buses run regularly, and driving a car and parking it complicates the trip too much.

The bus will let you off at a stop just shy of the street that leads into and through the old village. Before taking a right onto that street, I saw something new.

To my left in two different locations at the entrance to the village, I saw sculptures by the Vallauris artist and ceramicist Roger Capron. (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

As I meandered through the streets of Biot, I saw several of his works either lined up in a small plaza (each were called “Flâneuse 1” or “Flâneuse 2” and so forth) or placed nonchalantly against walls or prominently displayed and dominating the main plaza. (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

One of the joys in visiting France is the unexpected art exhibit in surprising places, on the streets of le petit village perché de Biot, for example.

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