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sun, sunglasses, & cigarettes

On reconnait tout de suite la Côte d’Azur.

Au debut on voit le soleil éclatant. Ensuite les lunettes de soleil portées par les gens qui attendent hors de la zone de sécurité `a l’aéroport. Et après être sorti le terminal, on remarque les cigarettes.

En y atterrissant en avion chaque année, je sais ce qui va encore m’arriver. J’y pense et je souris intérieurement voyant déjà le soleil par la fenêtre d’avion.

Je suis descendu en avion à Nice, France vers 12:00 le premier janvier, comme d’habitude. Il y a cinq ans, peut-être six ans, que je y séjourne. Je demeure à vrai dire à Antibes pas loin de Nice.


I flew into Nice around 12:00 New Years Day, as usual. I have been staying there for five years, maybe six. Actually, I stay in Antibes, not far from Nice.

This year (2017) was no exception. Flying into Nice and then taking the 250 bus to Antibes mid-day is like coming home. I have done it enough times.

I have my camera with me, and I pause and look at the same scenes I have seen in the past and take the same shots. (Painters have been known to paint the same scene.) Antibes for me is no different. It is the recognition of the familiar and the welcome reminder of other days. (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)

Je vois les mêmes choses: la mer bleue et verte, les bateaux y rebondissant et berçant par les vagues, les gens qui marchent dans les rue, portés les lunettes de soleil et les écharpes autour du cou, le ciel bleu et ses mouette. (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail.)


J’arrive chez moi. Vers 17:00.


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  1. Grace Herr #

    It is lovely, all of it. Happy New Year, good sir!

  2. merci bien et happy new year to you as well.

  3. Nancy Gibbs #

    The icicles are melting here today, but Portland metro is still not moving much. Schools in the area are closed. I haven’t left home since Friday!! Wonderful to see your smiling face in sunglasses. We hope to see the sun by Thursday! I’m happy to see you made it to your home away from home without incident. Just know we are all holding down the fort here, binge watching our favorite Netflix fare. Speaking of…poor Eleven hiding some where in the woods getting her frozen waffles delivered to a snow-covered box. And Will. What to make of those slimy, disgusting creatures exiting his mouth and slithering down the drain. He looks to be a breeder. You were right. I just needed a breath of fresh air to dive back into stranger things!!

    • . . . and did you find the kids adorable, fun to watch, and those baddie adults but the heroic kids, guileless, out to save their friends and the world.

      Oui, tout va bien à Antibes, et je mange bien bien sûr.


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