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hanging out in nice on the côte d’azure

Returning to southern France and to Antibes each year means repetition repetition repetition. I am only absent for a few months, but, as soon as possible, I want to recheck the neighborhood, to be reminded again where I am and why.

When I walked the dog, we would often go the same route; it would change sometimes, of course, but we would wander around the same neighborhood. I held the leash and he would sniff, run after squirrels and cats, and mark. The pooched looked forward to the walks.

When I am out and about, wandering here and there–étant un flâneur–I don’t mark, but I do take pictures. I spot.

I took a quick train to Nice after two days. If one chooses well, the ride is nearly fifteen minutes with no stops. I wanted to find the Beaux-Arts store and to buy some Arches watercolor paper. Nearby is Vieux Nice, the old part of the city and a major attraction.


After lunch at Olive et Artichaut, a favorite restaurant of mine in the vieux quartier, I wandered about and spotted, trying to take advantage of the light before the mid-afternoon sun waned and the narrow streets blocked what remained of the day.

Outdoor wall space becomes art space.


The outdoor market, le Marché aux Fleurs Cours Saleya, is well known in southern France, and a certain destination for anyone traveling to and beyond Nice. It has flowers, as the name implies, but fruit and vegetable stands abound and artists–painters and sculptors–display their work.

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  1. Jim O'Connell #

    Very nice photos Michael! Enjoy France…the weather here has been nasty and many snow days already 6 and it looks like more to come. We hope we are not teaching into July! Warm regards my friend!

  2. L Welch #

    Your “spots” are cool. Thanks! Keep on keeping on.


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