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from a distance some perspective of the palais-royal in paris

The Palais-Royal and its garden in central Paris is a wonderful place to visit. The garden, classified as a “Remarkable Garden” by the French Ministry of Culture, is lovely, quiet, but not a major attraction for most tourists, who crowd instead the entrances to the Louvre nearby.

The garden is symmetrically designed with long, narrow arcades lining the west and east sides and with matching rows of trees forming parallel lines to the passages.

The trees, including rows of lime trees and red horse chesnuts, provide a welcome respite on hot days. Often a nice breeze can be felt wafting through them.

Lining the west (Galerie de Montpensier) and east (Galerie de Valois) of the garden are long arcades. One side of each passage gives easy access through the columns to the garden, and the other side accommodates small boutique shops offering expensive goods and several restaurants that set up tables in the garden itself during the summer months. In the northeast corner is the Restaurant du Palais Royal which has received a Michelin star.

The Colonnes de Buren, created by the French artist Daniel Buren in 1985–1986, is located in the inner courtyard (Cour d’Honneur) of the Palais Royal in Paris.

At the southern end of the garden is the inner courtyard–Cour d’Honneur–of the Palais Royal where one can see the Colonnes de Buren, created by the French artist Daniel Buren. It is an interesting installation that mimics the rows of trees in the garden and the columns supporting the arcades to the east and west.

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