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on corsica, the roads go where?

All roads on Corsica lead to Corte. Sort of. If one looks at a map, in the center of the island and a bit to the north one finds Corte. The major roads going west to east and north to south pass through it, or nearby.

The train system intersects at Corte as well, except for the train going from Bastia to Calvi. One must transfer to a second train at Ponte-Leccia to continue to the west coast and Calvi.

Tourists, myself included, like to take the train in the morning from Bastia to Corte, spend some time there, and return to Bastia. It is small, Corte is, and much can be seen with part of a morning and much of the afternoon. The train ride is about two hours. One can walk into town from the train station; I did.

I chose to spend three nights in Corte. That meant wandering some streets more than once. Saying that, I would return and do it again.

Corte is set in the mountains. You are reminded of it during the train ride and later when you climb to the citadel and look to the horizon.  (Click on any photo to see it larger and in more detail. Cliquez sur une vignette pour l’agrandir.)

The citadel offers the best views of the surrounding countryside. It requires paying the entry fee for the Musée de la Corse. One enters the mueum, turns left before entering the exhibits, and walking outside to the citadel viewing area. One must be able to walk up steps. But wait, there’s more!